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How do I Become a Volunteer?

VIFF 2019 Volunteer Application Process

  1. Review

    Read the 2019 Volunteer Teams and Lead Positions Descriptions. The skills and availability necessary for each team are listed to help you determine what roles will work best for you. 

  2. Apply

    Fill out the Volunteer Festival Application. You will receive an email acknowledging your application once it has been received. Alumni Volunteers will also re-register through this application process.

  3. Phone Interview

    After August 1st, you will receive an email from a member of the Volunteer Department to schedule your phone interview. Once your phone interview is completed and if you are successful, you will be offered a position and scheduled for an orientation on a team which suits your skills, availability, and needs.

  4. Handbook

    After you have been accepted onto a team, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the Volunteer Handbook. This handbook has all the information you could ever what to know about the VIFF Volunteer Programme! Please read this before your orientation.

  5. Lead Volunteers

    After a successful phone interview, Lead Volunteer applicants will be placed in a “pending” team awaiting an interview with the person's specific Department. If a Lead applicant is selected for the Lead role, they will be placed on the Lead team. If they are not selected, they will be placed on another volunteer team matching their skills, availability, and needs.

  6. Orientation

    You will be scheduled for your team orientation and training at the end of the interview process. Orientations are mandatory for all volunteers – it is at these that you receive your Volunteer packages, meet the team including your fellow volunteers, department staff as well as a member of the Volunteer department, receive team specific information and training, and review policies and procedures.

  7. Schedule

    Once you are through the process and added to a team and orientation, the Volunteer Coordinator for your team will let you know when the schedule is posted. Please be patient – many of these staff persons do not begin until September! Once the schedule is posted, you will be contacted – you must log-in to Shiftboard and select your own shifts. Most teams have a minimum commitment of 4 shifts. Lead Volunteer commitments are around 50 hours.

Please note:
  • You must have an active email address that you check regularly – this is how we will contact you. Please add volunteer@viff.org to your address book to avoid emails ending up in your junk folder.
  • You must be 16 years or older to apply. Certain teams have higher age requirements. Review teams for details.
  • Volunteer applications are reviewed in the order they are received. Please be patient as we receive a high volume of applications.


Volunteer positions for VIFF 2019 are now full.
Thank you for your interest!


Festival Teams

Here are all the festival volunteer teams you can join!

Special Events
  • Front of House
  • Load in and Strike
  • Pre-Festival Box Office
  • Galas and Films+ Events
  • Virtual Reality
  • Photography
Guest Services
  • Office Support
  • Hospitality Lounge Bartender
  • Hospitality Lounge Server
  • Interpreters and Language Support
  • Driving
  • Distribution
  • Photography
  • Social Media Content Creator
  • Campus Promo
  • Web Content
  • Accreditation Support
Volunteer Services
  • Gateway Media Office
  • Media Office
  • Volunteer Helpline


Festival Volunteer Commitment

The majority of Teams require each volunteer to commit to a minimum of 4 shifts. The majority of shifts are between 3-5 hours. For details on required skills and availability necessary for each team, check out Team Descriptions

Festival Volunteer Perks

  • Ticket Vouchers

    1 Volunteer Ticket Voucher for every shift you volunteer. Vouchers can be used in advance for any available festival screening. Vouchers are transferrable – so bring a friend!

  • Volunteer Pass

    A Volunteer Pass which can be used by you in the Volunteer Stand-by Line

  • Youth Volunteer Pass

    For volunteers who are 16 and 17, this pass allows you access to any classified films. Please note that under BC classification law, you must be 18 or older to view unclassified films.

  • Volunteer Party

    An invitation to the VIFF Volunteer Appreciation Events

  • T-shirt

    A stylish Festival Volunteer T-shirt

  • Reference

    After the festival, a letter of participation in our Volunteer Programme can be emailed upon request

  • ...And More

    Special offers, screenings and promotions exclusive to volunteers

Lead Volunteer Positions

Looking for more? Here are lead positions to get you more involved!

Customer Service
Media Office
  • Infoline
  • Media Office Lead
  • Front of House Team Lead
  • Onscreen Personalities

  • Videography

  • Digital Communication Support

  • Virtual Reality Team Lead
  • Conference Lead

Lead Volunteer Commitment

Lead Volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of 50 hours. Lead Volunteers must be 18 or older. Shifts and commitments differ for each position. For details on skills and availability necessary for each team, check out  Lead Position descriptions

Lead Volunteer Perks

  • Festival Pass

    A Festival Pass which allows you access to all festival screenings, excluding the Opening and Closing Galas

  • Ticket Vouchers

    Four ticket vouchers for friends and family.

  • Volunteer Party

    One invitation to the VIFF Volunteer Appreciation Events. Lead Volunteers receive priority in selection of Appreciation events.

  • T-shirt

    A stylish Festival Volunteer T-shirt>/p>

  • Reference

    After the festival, a letter of participation in our Volunteer Programme can be emailed upon request. Add us to your resume - We’d be more than happy to answer calls from employers!

  • ...And More
    Special offers, screenings and promotions exclusive to volunteers

Volunteer postitions for VIFF 2019 are now full!


Do you need more information or want to contact the Festival?

Email: volunteer@viff.org

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