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Ticket Packs + Passes

With such an exciting roster of films and Films+ events, we know you will want to see a lot. The best and most economical way to binge at the fest is to purchase a Ticket Pack or Festival Pass. Check out the details below and get ready to get your VIFF on! 

IMPORTANT:  Please only purchase one pass per account, as your name will be printed on it from your account information. To buy a pass as a gift, we recommend purchasing a gift card for the pass value.

VIFF+ or Patrons Circle Member? Don't forget to log in on the right before selecting your Pack/Pass!

More Information | Ticket Packs 

AVAILBLE TO PURCHASE IN-PERSON: Thursday, September 14 (at Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street)
Mon-Sat 12 noon - 7pm;  Sun  2pm - 7pm.

Students aged 18+ and Seniors aged 65+ with valid ID are eligible for this bargain of a Ticket Pack! Perfect if there are a few films you want to attend.

Open to everyone, this is a Ticket Pack for those who want to attend a few films with friends, or six by themselves! Ticket Packs are transferable and you can use as many of the tickets per screening as you like.


Matinees are some of our busiest screenings and occasionally our Weekday Matinee Passholders find that the passholder allotments are taken up quickly for certain screenings. After listening to your feedback from last year, we've introduced this Ticket Pack - a generous 10 Matinee Tickets in one handy Pack.

You can use the credits from this Ticket Pack to book your screenings in advance either online at viff.org or in person at our box offices, making it far more likely you'll see the films you want to see, and reducing the amount of time you are stood in the line-up!

Please note: there is no option to upgrade to Regular, Special Presentation or Gala screenings from this Ticket Pack. They are intended solely for Matinee screenings (Monday - Friday, starting before 5pm).


Does exactly what it says on the tin. 10 VIFF Tickets in one Pack! Did you know that if you have one of these Ticket Packs and you decide you want to see a Special Presentation screening (normally $17), you can simply add it to your shopping cart online and pay a $2 upgrade fee? The same goes for Gala Screenings ($7 upgrade fee).


The great thing about Ticket Packs is that they're transferable: you can team up with friends and share out the movie-going wealth (although the Ticket Pack credits will be assigned to whoever has bought the Pack's customer account, so you'll be in charge of rallying the troops). 


Bring on the popcorn! This Ticket Pack gets you access to 30 glorious films. 


Anyone attending VIFF using a Ticket Pack needs to make sure they are a member of the Greater Vancouver International Film Festival Society and have their membership card with them. You can buy your membership online (it's $2 for an annual membership) and pick up your membership card at your first screening. We recommend taking a photo of the card on your phone so that you don't have to buy another if you lose it. Why do you need to be a member? Read more here.

Any Ticket Packs containing 8 tickets or fewer are subject to a $2 service charge per Ticket Pack. For Ticket Packs containing 10 tickets or more, there is a $4 service charge per Ticket Pack. However, you don't get charged anything for redeeming your tickets online or at our box offices.

If you make a mistake in a booking, there would be a $1 exchange fee per ticket charged in person at our box offices.



More Information | Passes

Passes offer flexibility, the freedom to move between screenings and potentially the greatest savings of all. Passholders are the first people through the doors at each screening and are allowed entry until the generous passholder allotment of seats has been filled.

AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN-PERSON: Thursday, September 14 (at Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street)
Mon-Sat 12 noon - 7pm;  Sun  2pm - 7pm.

Admission to all weekday matinee screenings (before 5pm). 


Admission to all festival screenings, excluding Opening and Closing Galas.


For those who want to attend all the Industry events but might be too busy networking to see films! This pass gets you access to all of the FILMS+ Programming; the NEXT Stream, Totally Indie Day, Sustainable Production Forum, VIFF Live! concerts and up to 3 Creator Talks (you'll receive instructions on how to book these).

Admission to all festival screenings, and all Films+ events (subject to availability).


This is the way to VIFF in style!

The Platinum Pass allows you admission to all festival screenings with guaranteed seating until 5 minutes before showtime. You also get preferred access as soon as the auditorium is open to the public. This pass also allows you admission to all the exciting 2017 FILMS+ programming.


A screening pass gives you access to an allotment of seats that are held for passholders for every screening up until 20 minutes before showtime.

Regular screening Passes do not guarantee seats - if you arrive within 20 minutes of a screening or if a passholder allocation for a screening has been reached, you may have to join the Standby line to see if any seats become available, or you may not be admitted at all (although this is relatively rare!).

Your VIFF Pass includes your VIFF Membership, but each pass (unless you're a VIFF+ or Patrons Circle Member!) is subject to a $4 service charge.

Passes are not transferable, so please only book one per account as your name will be printed on it.



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