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The Art of David Lynch hcnyL divaD fo trA ehT

Revered for films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Dr, David Lynch began his creative explorations through art, originally training as a painter in Philadelphia. This month's film series investigates some of Lynch's most provactive, avant-garde work, providing an in depth portrait of the auteur as artist.

Encompassing the short films which enabled Lynch to experiment and hone his craft, the cult classic Eraserhead, and an exceptionally rare 35mm print from the director's own, private collection (2006's genre-defying Inland Empire) we tie together this wonderfully weird and diverse selection of Lynch's works with 2016's David Lynch: The Art Life, an illuminating documentary which essentially serves a feature-length interview with the man himself.

In the build up to the much-anticipated return of Twin Peaks to our televisions, don't miss your chance to see Lynch's work on the big screen.   

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