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Volunteer Year Round

The Vancity Theatre started its regular film programming in January 2006, and VIFF was founded in 1982. Over these years our organization has presented over 11,000 screenings of some 8000 different films to an audience of 3.2 million! In addition to being home to VIFF’s offices and the Vancity Theatre, the Vancouver International Film Centre – including its stunning atrium – is also available for private rental by individuals and organizations.
The main goal of VIFF and the Vancity Theatre is to show great films! We are not here to duplicate commercial movie theatres showing Hollywood studio movies, but to emphasize international, Canadian, independent, documentary, and art cinema. These are significant and important categories that might otherwise not find their deserved place on the big screen. We're here to provide the public and film community with an excellent facility for the appreciation of quality cinema and related art forms throughout the year. This is an extension of VIFF’s general mandate to encourage understanding of world cultures through the art of cinema and to foster the art of cinema.
Volunteer and be part of exceptional cinema the way it was meant to be seen.

How do I Become a Volunteer?

To volunteer year round, you must be 19 or older.
  • All potential applicants must fill out a Volunteer Application form and go through a phone screening process. VIFF Alumni will also schedule a phone interview.
  • All information requested must be filled out fully and accurately to ensure placement.
  • Volunteer applications are reviewed as they are received. Phone interviews are scheduled as positions become available. 
  • Volunteer positions are filled based on previous VIFF experience, interview and knowledge of VIFF culture, work and life related skills, and selected preferences. Please keep in mind that each team requires specific skills and qualifications as specified in the Team Descriptions 
  • Once accepted, you will receive specific training and venue orientation before you will be added to the Team. 
  • Volunteers must pass a two month training period before full volunteer benefits become available. 

Volunteer Perks

Volunteers who complete a regular weekly shift will receive:
  • Film vouchers for each completed shift. These vouchers can be used for any of our regular screenings at the box office on the same day as the film. (Special Events, Advance screenings and Rentals are excluded)
  • Once the training period of two months has been completed you will receive a pass for yourself and a guest good for all regular programmed films at the Vancity Theatre. (Special Events, Advance screenings and Rentals are excluded)
  • Free popcorn and brew coffee during your shift and when you come to watch a film
  • Entry to Exclusive Film Centre Volunteer Appreciation Events.
  • Special offers, screenings and promotions exclusive to volunteers

Volunteer Commitment

Front of House and Front Desk Team volunteers are required to volunteer a minimum of one shift ranging between 3-5 hours per week. Shift times and lengths will vary depending upon the Vancity Theatre screening and event calendar. All volunteers will, once accepted, be placed on a two month training period before receiving the full benefits of being a Vancity Theatre at VIFC volunteer.

The Distribution Team is contacted every 6-7 weeks for deliveries. Volunteers on this team receive film vouchers dependent on the size of route and amount of programs. 

Photography and Video Teams are event based and will be contacted when needed. Vouchers will be given as events are worked. 
All Volunteers are expected to abide by the VIFF/VIFC Code of Conduct, Harassment Policy, and Code of Ethics provided with the Volunteer Handbook.
All Volunteers should expect to work hard, have fun and make friends!

Volunteer Value Statement

Volunteers are essential to the operation, and integral to the success of the Vancity Theatre at the Vancouver International Film Centre. The Vancity Theatre at VIFC values the time, skill, experience, knowledge, and commitment contributed by our volunteers. We value volunteering as an opportunity for people to connect, engage and discover joint solutions through the sharing of an individual’s experience both outside and within VIFC. We are committed to offering our volunteers appropriate and meaningful responsibilities, suitable orientation and training, effective leadership, evaluation, and recognition. Volunteers are expected to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, and to be ambassadors of the Vancity Theatre at VIFC, sharing the experience and love of Film and the Performing Arts with all who attend screenings and events at the Vancity Theatre.
The Vancity Theatre at VIFC abides by all required Human Rights and Non-Discrimination legislation when selecting and assigning volunteers. No person will be denied the ability to volunteer for any reason or combination of reasons covered by said legislation. 

Commitment to a Safe Work Environment

The Vancity Theatre at VIFC ensures a safe work environment for all volunteers, and staff. Fostering such an environment includes:
  • Treating every person with dignity and respect. This is a standard we hold staff and volunteers accountable to.
  • Training and support from the Venue Manager and Volunteer Coordinator to ensure a safe and secure work experience.
  • Compliance with provincial health and safety regulations; meeting all necessary legal requirements to protect its volunteers.

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