Beyond 150

Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017 is a complicated celebration for Indigenous peoples. 150 years is a limited period that, for Indigenous peoples, actually reflects the occupation of Indigenous territories and the not-so-positive impacts since. As REEL CANADA approaches its own celebration, National Canadian Film Day 150, we reflect on this history and ask ourselves whose territory we are in.  
Beyond 150 Years: An Acknowledgement of Cinematic Territory is a premiere event to hold up with utmost respect some of the Indigenous filmmakers from within the REEL CANADA catalogue. This is an important occasion for us to recognize the First Peoples of this land and, of course, an opportunity to celebrate the impact of Indigenous cinematic stories.
The Indigenous films within our programme catalogue by no means represent all the wonderful Indigenous-made films Canada has ever produced, however the catalogue does include a number of essential works created through the Indigenous lens - each of which has had its own seismic shift within the larger cinematic landscape.  
Beyond 150 Years will present works from the past, the present and what we may expect for the future. It will feature two days of free public film screenings, film talks, artist talks, and a high school screening.  Events will be presented at Vancity Film Centre in partnership with the Vancouver International Film Festival and the National Film Board of Canada.
Join us as we salute the achievements, resilience, impacts and continued contribution of Indigenous filmmakers of Canada.
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