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Weekday Matinee

$13 $11 ALL SEATS $20

SENIOR (65+)
$11 $11  
BRONZE - $10
GOLD - $8


BRONZE - $10
GOLD - $8

Join VIFF+
Join VIFF+ and discover more!

YOUTH  (Under 18)
*See 'Rated for Youth'

$9 $9  
The Small Print:
  • Unless otherwise noted, everyone attending screenings at the Vancity Theatre must be aged 19 or older and have a valid VIFF Membership Card. Click here to find out more.
  • Please be prepared to show your membership or VIFF+ card at the door!
  • For all online sales there will be a $1 per ticket service charge, up to a maximum of $4 per order.
  • Vancity Theatre pricing applies to our regular Year Round programming only. Special events, rental events and co-productions may have different pricing.
  • Your annual membership is accepted for both our Year Round and Festival programming.
  • All ticket sales are final. 
  • Please note that no infants or babies are allowed unless otherwise noted - see the film information pages for guidance.

Got questions? 

Box Office Opening Hours

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11:30 am –
8:25 pm


We do get asked this question a lot, so here's the scoop:

Under the laws of our province, only registered non-profit film societies such as VIFF are allowed to screen films that have not been classified by Consumer Protection BC.  Because our unique programming means many of our films are brand new, independent or on a more limited release, they haven't all been rated.

Therefore, to view films with us, we need to be able to prove you're a member of our awesome film society. We might be rebels without a cause here at VIFF, but we don't want to break the law.

VIFF Basic Memberships cost $2 and are valid for a whole year from the point of purchase. Your membership can be used at Vancity Theatre Year Round and during the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Your membership card must be shown before we can admit you into a screening. If you have forgotten your membership card, you may be asked to purchase another membership in order to be allowed into the theatre. Although we've had suggestions to make our membership digital, this would cause significant line-ups if we had to look up every customer attending a screening on our database before we could let you into the building (think of the rain!).

We recommend taking a photo on your smartphone of your membership card (showing your name and expiry date) as this can be accepted in lieu of the card itself. 

We hope that makes sense, and thank you for asking!


You must be 19+ to attend most screenings at the Vancity Theatre. However, we will often get youth friendly films rated. At the rated screenings, we can admit those under the age of 19 (following the criteria of the specific rating levels, of course). Our rated screenings will be listed on our website under our Rated for Youth search option, so watch for these rated films!

Adults attending a rated screening still need to show their membership card at the door. If a film has been rated for youth, we will not be able to allow alcoholic drinks to be taken into the theatre.


If you see that a film is in 'Standby' it means there are no tickets available for purchase at this time but that we might be able to find seats for customers as the screening is about to start.

A Standby line will form at the theatre and tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis if capacity allows.

There is a limit of one Standby ticket per person.

The Vancity Theatre Standby line starts approximately 60 minutes before show time.


Matinee pricing applies to screenings taking place Monday - Friday that start before 5pm (excluding weekends and statutory holidays).


Ticket sales are final and non-refundable, so please check your order carefully before purchasing.

However, errors can occur! If you have made a mistake with your booking or something unexpected means you are unable to attend, we will do our best to exchange your ticket for another screening.

Simply email info@viff.org with the details of your booking and we will get back to you within 1 business day. You can also telephone our Box Office Helpline on 604-683-3456 (Monday to Friday, 12 noon to 5pm when our offices are open) and one of our friendly volunteers will be happy to help.

You can also exchange tickets in person at the Vancity Theatre Box Office, which is open on each day we have a public screening 60 minutes before the first screening of the day. Exchanges done in person are subject to a $1 exchange fee per ticket, up to a maximum of $4.

Exchanges unfortunately cannot be made for missed screenings, or within 30 minutes of the unwanted screening's start time.


You can buy tickets on this very website! All online sales are subject to a $1 per ticket service charge, up to a maximum of $4 per order. You can select for your tickets to be emailed to you or to pick them up at the theatre before the show.

Tickets can also be purchased in person at Vancity Theatre but we do not have regular, in-person daytime sales. Instead, our box office opens 60 minutes before the first screening of the day and remains open until the last screening of the day. Before you set off to the theatre, we recommend that you either check that day's screenings on viff.org to make sure our box office will be open.

Alternatively, if you experiencing any difficulties booking online, you can purchase tickets over the phone by calling our volunteers on the Box Office Helpline (604 683 3456) between 12pm and 5pm, Monday to Friday. (Closed on holidays).

Vancity Theatre pricing applies to our regular Year Round programming only. Special events, rental events and co-productions may have different pricing.

Adult - $13

Senior/Student/Accessible - $11

Youth (where available) - $9

Matinee Screenings - $11


Discounted tickets for our regular screenings apply to:

Students and Seniors (valid identification will need to be shown when you enter the theatre).

Senior discounts apply to those lucky enough to be 65 years and older. Student discounts are available, regardless of age, to those attending a post-secondary institution. Matinee pricing applies to screenings starting before 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends, statutory holidays and the festive period in late December).

A great way to VIFF is to join VIFF+! VIFF+ discounts apply to all regular screenings and on most special events. With rental events and co-productions, we will always ask if our VIFF+ discounts can be honoured. VIFF+ members also save 50 cents on concessions, excluding alcoholic beverages.

Double Bill discounts are available to purchase in-person only.


The most important thing to do to be able to see your VIFF+ discounted tickets is log in to your account before selecting your tickets! Your benefits are tied in to your viff.org account, so once you're logged in all the reduced price/free tickets will be available for you!

Not a VIFF+ member but want to be? Click here and you can join us!


Double Bills are a great way to save! They cost $20 for two consecutive screenings.

  • Double Bills are not available to purchase online. However, you can purchase your first ticket online at the regular price and have the cost of your second ticket adjusted should you decide to stay for the next film.
  • Double Bills can be purchased for future dates if you like to plan your film-filled days in advance.
  • Rentals are not included and Double Bill prices may be suspended for special events.


  • Go to the 'My Account' section of viff.org (top right hand corner of your screen).
  • Click where it says 'Forgot your password?'.
  • Type the email address you usually use to log in into the box and then retype in the second box to confirm it.
  • Click the Recover Password button.
  • You will receive an email from us which contains a temporary password.
  • Go back to viff.org and return to the 'My Account' log in page.
  • Make sure any saved passwords (usually shown as a series of black dots in the password box) are deleted - your web browser may have saved something that isn't the right password automatically!
  • Enter your temporary password, making sure you keep all capital/lower case letters the same.
  • The system will then allow you to log in and will ask you to create a new, private password. Ideally, this should contain at least 7 characters and include a number, and a special character (?#$%&*)

If you continue to have any difficulties, or don't receive an email with your temporary password, please feel free to contact us by emailing info@viff.org or calling our Box Office Helpline on 604-683-3456 (Monday-Friday, 12-5; closed on holidays).


Oh no! Firstly, please make sure you've checked your spam folder - our emailed tickets sometimes end up in Junk Mail by mistake. If you find our email in there, move it to your inbox and add noreply@viff.org to your contacts list and you won't have that problem again!

If you have a Hotmail account, you may find that your tickets have ended up in your 'other' inbox instead of your 'focused' inbox (no, we don't know why Microsoft decided to do that, either...).

If you've received an 'Order Confirmation' email from us, your tickets should be attached as a PDF. Make sure it's not hiding somewhere strange (Gmail tends to put them at the bottom of the email, more or less everything else will show an attachment at the top) and that there isn't a little button you have to push to 'show attachments from this sender'.

If you definitely haven't received your tickets, we can absolutely resend them to you or arrange for them to be picked up at our box office. You can email us at info@viff.org, call our Box Office Helpline at 604-683-3456 (Monday to Friday, 12pm-5pm, closed on holidays). Finally, our box office is always able to reprint tickets for you, so don't worry.



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