Health and Safety Protocols at VIFF Centre

We have developed a comprehensive set of protocols to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our patrons, staff, and volunteers safe. This will be a phased reopening in order for us to remain flexible as we navigate this new normal.

This information is subject to change, so check back for the latest updates before buying your ticket or visiting.


Engaging with Employees

Employees are required to declare they are symptom-free. They are instructed to stay home if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu, and will be sent home immediately if they begin to show symptoms during their shift. VIFF has offered all staff an increased number of sick days to encourage them to follow this strict guideline.

  • We are requiring all of our employees to wear personal protective equipment, including face coverings and/or masks.
  • Plexiglass shields are installed at all employee-facing points of sale.
  • Employees will have access to gloves and must wash their hands at least every 30 minutes

Social Distancing

Steps have been taken to ensure social distancing is possible when visiting VIFF Centre and we request that patrons respect this.

  • The theatre will have a reduced capacity of 50 or less, depending on the seating configuration of each screening, to ensure appropriate social distancing can be maintained. This includes two wheelchair spots and their companion seats.
  • Due to limited capacity, we request that patrons in wheelchairs call ahead to reserve wheelchair spots and their adjacent companion seats by calling us at 604 683-3456 during office hours.
  • Lineups for the Box Office and admittance to the theatre will form outside the atrium, and have clear floor decals to indicate where patrons should stand.
  • VIFF Centre staff and volunteers will assist with seating in the theatre. Patrons who attend together are permitted to sit together.
  • Lineups for the restrooms will be clearly marked with floor decals.
  • There will be increased time between screenings to avoid audience crossover, and to allow for increased cleaning procedures.

Masks & Hand Sanitizer

  • All VIFF staff and volunteers will be wearing face masks at all times.
  • We request all patrons wear a face mask when entering, in the atrium, at concession, and while visiting the washrooms. Once seated in the theatre the mask may be removed. For patrons who have forgotten their mask at home, a supply of masks will be available at the theatre for no charge.
  • Touchless hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the venue.


  • We have developed an increased, systematic cleaning schedule. There will be extra time between screenings to incorporate these increased measures.
  • A focus on regular cleaning of high-contact areas, such as door handles, counter tops, railings, elevator buttons, customer service barriers, and debit terminals.
  • Thorough cleaning of the restrooms before, during, and after each screening.
  • After-hours rigorous cleaning of the venue.

Purchasing Tickets

Due to reduced capacity we recommend that patrons purchase tickets online ( in advance when possible. In the case that the advance tickets are not entirely sold out the remaining tickets will be available for purchase in-person at the Box Office before each screening.
  • Tickets will be available in seating bubbles - a single seat, or a pair of seats. Due to social distancing measures, it is not possible to seat groups together. Due to the size of our theatre, the maximum size of seating bubble is two seats
  • Online ticket sales end one hour before each screening.
  • The Box Office will open 60 minutes before the first screening of the day.
  • Debit and Credit sales are preferred, but cash will still be accepted.
  • No standby line available for sold out screenings
  • Due to limited capacity, we request that patrons requiring wheelchair spots call ahead to reserve. The adjacent companion seat is also available to reserve. You can reach us at 604-683-3456 or email at

Attending Screenings

  • Before attending a screening, please familiarize yourself with our safety guidelines in accordance with WorkSafe BC. As mentioned, we request that all patrons please wear a face mask when visiting VIFF Centre.
  • If you feel unwell, particularly if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we request that you please stay home. If you have purchased an advance ticket contact us for a refund. You can reach us at 604-683-3456 or email at
  • If you are purchasing a ticket, line up outside the Box Office window (on the right side of our main entrance.) If you already have a ticket for the screening line up outside the double doors on the left side of our main entrance. There will be social distancing decals to ensure physical distancing in the line
  • To provide social distancing in the theatre certain seats will not be in use and will be clearly marked as unavailable.
  • VIFF Centre staff and volunteers will assist with seating in the theatre.

While in the theatre, we request that you:

  • Remain in your chosen seat
  • Refrain from sitting in seats that are indicated as unavailable (they will be clearly marked).


  • Social distancing floor decals are in place at the concession ordering and pick-up line.
  • We have reduced our menu options to speed concession transactions.
  • Popcorn continues to be available! Other items include: Soft drinks, beer, wine and assorted cinema treats.
  • There will be no self serve stations and we are not allowing reusable cups.


  • Social distancing floor decals are in place for washroom line-ups to ensure physical distancing while waiting in line.
  • Hand hygiene signage is posted in the washrooms to encourage guests to wash hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap.
  • Thorough cleaning of the restrooms will be conducted before, during, and after each screening.

Leaving the Theatre

  • We request that you take your garbage with you and dispose of it in receptacles outside the theatre.
  • Please exit one row at a time starting with the row closest to the exit (on the main level and balcony this is the row closest to the back of the theatre.
  • Maintain physical distance on your way out. Thanks for your patience and for respecting your fellow VIFF Centre guests!

VIFF Connect Screenings

VIFF Connect online screenings will continue to complement our in-theatre programming, ensuring those in our community who are unable to return at this time can still experience VIFF Connect programming from home.