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Out of the Interior

Survival of the Small Town Cinema in British Columbia

Sea to Sky | Art House Theatre Day

Running an independent movie theatre is not exactly Cinema Paradiso. Overheads are high and box office returns erratic. There’s competiton from TV, from cable, from Netflix, from videogames, from everywhere in fact, even from other cinemas, and we all know that film-going is not what it used to be. And yet throughout British Columbia you can still find small town cinemas flying the flag for Hollywood and beyond. Vancouver husband-and-wife team Curtis and Silmara Emde set out to visit these far-flung cultural outposts, and talk to the hardy souls who keep them operating: the Towne Cinema in Vernon, the Tivoli in Creston, Revelstoke’s Roxy, the Gem in Grand Forks, the Royal in Trail, and the Civic Theatre in Nelson, to name a few.

Their stories, as told to Curtis and Silmara in their lobbies, concession areas, auditoriums and projection booths, are personal and unvarnished; often celebratory, frequently funny, sometimes sad – but always real, and always rooted in their communities.

The documentary encourages us to reflect on the value of public entertainment in an era in which watching stories unfold in the dark surrounded by strangers may seem to many merely a nostalgic relic of the 20th century movie industry. Out of the Interior shows us that while its survival is by no means assured, the collective moviegoing experience is still both valuable and viable.

Introduction by Sheryl MacKay + Filmmaker Q&A + Musical Performance by Snowman in Heat

About Art House Theatre Day:

Now in year two, Art House Theatre Day celebrates the art house cinema and the cultural role it plays in a community. It is a day to recognize the year-round contributions of film and filmmakers, patrons, projectionists, and staff, and the brick and mortar theaters that are passionately dedicated to providing access to the best cinematic experience across North America.

Snowman in Heat are a Canadian rock/soul/funk experience formed British Columbia, Canada.  Once dubbed "Vancouver's most punctual band", Snowman in Heat seeks to illuminate and entertain with soulful grooves and astute lyrics.  David Cunningham, one of the founding members, is proud to have made his small contribution to Curtis Emde's and Silmara Albi's cinematic documentary Out of the Interior.  It is his debut feature film soundtrack.  For more information, please visit: http://snowmaninheatband.wixsite.com/snowmaninheat

Director: Curtis Emde and Silmara Emde
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2017
Running Time: 75 mins
Classification: G
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