Sleeping Giant

True North

Available until June 3, 2021

Andrew Cividino’s remarkable debut is a story of friendship, confusion, betrayal and peer pressure. Meek 14-year-old Adam (Jackson Martin) is enduring a dull summer in a small Lake Superior beach community when he meets local boys Nate (Nick Serino) and Riley (Reece Moffett), combative first cousins who pass their ample free time roughhousing and crafting crass putdowns. An indiscretion by Adam’s father drives him to spend more time in the cousins’ company, offering them ample opportunity to rain down verbal abuse. As Adam recognizes that he needs to assert his masculinity, his thoughts turn to Todd’s Cliff, the monolithic land formation towering nearby and named in honour of the dumbass who leapt from it and lived to tell the tale of the 100-foot drop…

"The title of Sleeping Giant is an apt one, being suggestive of something mythical and awe-inducing, yet also a dormant threat that must be regarded with great care if you don’t want to get crushed. The image suits the film’s attitude toward its setting, which elicits an equal measure of wonder, exhilaration, and dread. The last of these builds inexorably as Cividino works hard to exploit the many possibilities of this place, tracking his young characters through a series of vividly rendered exteriors… and more fraught interiors…"—Jason Anderson, Cinema Scope

"What’s particularly admirable here is the way the cast and filmmakers illuminate not just the wit and charm of young men, but also the callow cruelty of youth, driven by a killer combination of naïve idealism, solipsism, poor self-esteem and raging hormones."—Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter

Best Canadian Film, VIFF 15

Director Icon Director
Andrew Cividino

Jackson Martin, Nick Serino, Reece Moffett
Executive Producer Aeschylus Poulos
Producer Karen Harnisch, Andrew Cividino, Marc Swenker, James Vandewater, Aaron Yeger
Screenwriter Andrew Cividino, Aaron Yeger, Blain Watters
Cinematographer James Klopko
Editor James Vandewater
Music Chris Thornborrow, Bruce Peninsula
Canada 2015 91 min. 19+ Review

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