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In this character study inspired by an unsung legend of the Texas outlaw music movement, Ethan Hawke weaves together time periods, braiding reimagined versions of Blake Foley’s past, present and future. These different strands explore his love affair with Sybil Rosen; his last, dark night on Earth; and the impact of his songs and death on fans, friends, and foes. Acknowledging the profound highs and lows experienced by Blaze (Ben Dickey), the film pulls no punches and plays out like a bittersweet ballad.

"Blaze feels like a true passion project, an engine running on Hawke’s endless supply of enthusiasm for his subject… Foley’s music certainly deserves a wider platform, but with Blaze, Hawke has created a character study engrossing enough to make the man as layered and complex as the songs he churned out." Joshua Alston, A.V. Club

"It’s an organic slice of life — raw and untidy, deceptively aimless but always exploratory… It’s an experience, one that ever so gently opens your ears, your eyes, and your heart." Owen Gleiberman, Variety

"Along with Dickey’s equally feral and vulnerable performance, what stands out most in Blaze is just how fully formed and realized Hawke’s vision is as a filmmaker. He has clearly learned so much from his long-time collaborator Richard Linklater… Hawke shares his Boyhood director’s lyrical curiosity and ability to let scenes breathe and take on lives of their own." Oliver Jones, Observer

Director Icon Director
Ethan Hawke

Ben Dickey, Alia Shawkat, Charlie Sexton, Josh Hamilton
Executive Producer Louis Black, Gurpreet Chandhoke, Sandy K. Boone, Stephen Shea
Producer Ethan Hawke, Jake Seal, John Sloss, Ryan Hawke
Screenwriter Ethan Hawke, Sybil Rosen
Cinematographer Steve Cosens
Editor Jason Gourson
Art Director Elissabeth Blofson
USA 2018 129 min. 19+ Trailer | Review

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