Les Parfums


The odd couple comedy is a genre unto itself, and while this French variant may not reinvent the wheel it does take it out for a spin. Guillaume (Grégory Montel from Call My Agent) is a chauffeur, but financially strapped after the break up of his marriage. An assignment to drive businesswoman Anne (the redoubtable Emmanuelle Devos) should be routine, but proves highly taxing, so he’s surprised when she asks for him specifically on her next out of town trip. She’s testy, demanding, and aloof, but little by little he becomes caught up in her unusual line of work: she’s a "nose"…. her acute sense of smell is her livelihood. Before long, there is the whiff of complicity in the air.

Call it "Scents and sensibility": this expertly crafted light entertainment has plenty of charm and character (Devos is never dull), while the aromatic milieu proves appropriately beguiling. Nothing to sniff at, to be sure.

"Quietly delightful." Ed Potton, The Times

"Elegantly directed and perceptively written… the movie equivalent of a modestly happy floral cologne you’d splash on for a little daytime pick-me-up." Tomris Laffly, Variety

"An utterly charming film." Lael Loewenstein, NPR Los Angeles

Director Icon Director
Grégory Magne

Emmanuelle Devos, Grégory Montel, Gustave Kervern, Sergi Lopez, Zélie Rixhon
Producer Frédéric Jouve, Marie Lecoq
Screenwriter Grégory Magne
Cinematographer Thomas Rames
Editor Béatrice Herminie, Gwen Mallauran
Music Gaëtan Roussel
France 2019 100 min. In French with English subtitles 19+ Trailer | Official Website | Perfume Society review


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