The Conductor

De Dirigent


Film introduced by Otto Tausk, Music Director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Born in the Netherlands in 1902, then brought up in the US, Antonia Brico racked up several notable firsts: she was the first American to graduate from the Berlin State Academy of Music, and in 1938 she became the first woman to conduct the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. While her career as a pianist and conductor was long and impressive, her progress was impeded by sexism at every step. In this handsomely produced biopic, Christanne de Bruijn makes a convincing case not only for Brico’s musical gifts, but for her formidable strength of character. It’s an inspiring story that needed telling.

"The Conductor will fill your heart with love and hope while giving you something gorgeous to look at and listen to. It’s fierce, lovely, and complicated from start to finish, just like woman it portrays." Amber Emberwing, Slashfilm

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Director Icon Director
Maria Peters

Christanne de Bruijn, Benjamin Wainwright, Scott Turner Schofield, Richard Sammel, Seumas F. Sargent, Sian Thomas
Executive Producer Dave Schram, Andreas Klein, Andrew Ernster, Dirk Schweitzer, Erik Engelen, Ad Weststrate
Producer Dave Schram
Screenwriter Maria Peters
Cinematographer Rolf Dekens
Editor Robin de Jong
Music Bob Zimmerman, Quinten Schram
Netherlands 2018 137 min. In English, Dutch and German with English, French subtitles 19+ Trailer | Official Website | Review


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