In 1971, at the height of the Vietnam War, Klute costars Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland toured an anti-war comedy show in the environs of US military bases in Hawaii, the Philippines, and Japan. A counterpoint to the jingoistic and gung ho Bob Hope USO shows, it was directly engaged with and inspired by veterans against the war and, naturally, it upset U.S. military higher-ups. The F.T.A. (F*** the Army) tour was highly controversial and was a huge success among stationed soldiers, who were quick to sing along with ditties like "Nothing could be finer than to be in Indochina…" Indeed, interviews with serving GIs establish that anti-war sentiment was rife even among the troops.

In spite of positive reviews and business, the political furore over "Hanoi Jane" quick curtailed its original theatrical release, and it has been difficult to see for decades. F.T.A. has now been fully restored in 4K by IndieCollect and includes a brand-new retrospective interview with Jane Fonda.

"A genuine, powerful and even stirring expression of the antipathy engendered by war." J. Hoberman, New York Times

"Though the times have changed, the message of F.T.A. is still infuriatingly relevant. This new restoration connects the present to the past just as the film — and the movement it depicts — connected individual men on the front lines of a devastating and unnecessary war to revolutionary struggles around the world." Nathan Smith, Nashville Scene

Director Icon Director
Francine Parker

Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Pamala Donegan, Len Chandler, Michael Alaimo, Holly Near
Producer Jane Fonda, Francine Parker, Donald Sutherland, Igo Kanter
Screenwriter Michael Alaimo, Len Chandler, Pamala Donegan, Jane Fonda, Rita Martinson, Robin Menken, Holly Near, Donald Sutherland, Dalton Trumbo
Cinematographer Eric Saarinen, Juliana Wang, John Weidman
Editor Michael Beaudry, Joel Moorwood, Judy Reidel
Music Aminadav Aloni
USA 1972 97 min. 19+ Trailer | Website & Trailer | Guardian review | Nashville Scene review


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