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Two great actors at the top of their game, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci star in this heartfelt and poignant love story about two old friends taking leave of some of their favourite places and people on an RV trip through the north of England’s Lake District. Sam (Firth) is a pianist. Tusker (Tucci) is a writer. They have been together for 20 years, but Tusker’s time is running out, and if this trip is to be his last in command of his senses, then he means to make the most of it…

Writer-director Harry Macqueen keeps what could easily have been mawkish and wisely steers for restraint. The film doesn’t push too hard, but plays a patient game, relying on the skill and warmth of two fine actors to carry us along, and then hitting all the right buttons in the last act.

"Supernova’s unpretentiousness might mean it gets forgotten come awards season, but Macqueen’s commitment to telling an honest story, and the wonderful performances on display, are what distinguish Supernova as a great movie." Karen Han, Slate

"A wonderfully heart-wrenching romance about the power and pain of saying goodbye to the people we love. Supernova is the kind of rich and powerful love story that rarely gets told. Seek it out, but take some tissues with you." Paul Bradshaw, NME

"Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci gently smash your heart to smithereens." Guy Lodge, Variety

Director Icon Director
Harry Macqueen

Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, Pippa Haywood, Peter Macqueen, Nina Marlin, Ian Drysdale
Executive Producer Mary Burke, Eva Yates, Vincent Gadelle
Producer Emily Morgan, Tristan Goligher
Screenwriter Harry Macqueen
Cinematographer Dick Pope
Editor Chris Wyatt
Music Keaton Henson
UK 2020 93 min. English 19+ Trailer | Website & Trailer | Review

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