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18 to Party Image

18 to Party


It’s 1984 and a group of eighth graders in Nowheresville, USA are discovering that Tom Petty was spot on when he asserted that the waiting is the hardest part. Waiting interminably to see if they’ll be granted admittance to their local nightclub by a power-tripping doorman, they listlessly hang out around back, debate the relative merits of Macs vs PCs, try and make sense of the recent rash of teen suicides and UFO sightings, unpack some emotional baggage and debate whether or not U2 suck.

Reminiscent at times of both The Breakfast Club and Beckett, Jeff Roda’s debut feature thumbs its nose at a storytelling truism by illustrating that inaction can also define character. Equipping his ensemble cast with exceedingly well-tailored dialogue that betrays their individual desires and wounds, he also imbues these latchkey freaks and geeks with an innate understanding that every interaction represents a social minefield. Consequently, 18 to Party proves an equally funny and fraught drama in which even tentative overtures register as acts of valour.

Canadian premiere
Director Icon Director
Jeff Roda

Alivia Clark, Tanner Flood, James Freedson-Jackson, Oliver Gifford, Nolan Lyons, Sam McCarthy, Ivy Miller, Taylor Richardson, Erich Schuett
Producer Nikola Duravcevic, Emily Ziff Griffin, Andrew Cahill, Stephanie Marin
Screenwriter Jeff Rota
Cinematographer Gris Jordana
Editor Katherine Williams
Source EG-PR
USA 2019 80 min. English 19+ Trailer


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