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Divine Love Image

Divine Love

Divino amor


In Gabriel Mascaro’s synapse-triggering, fundamentalist-baiting vision of overly evangelical Brazil circa 2027, crises of faith are serviced at drive-thru churches, failing marriages are resuscitated through group sex, and the faithful find transcendence at the sweat-drenched rave-like Party of Supreme Love.

At the centre of this speculative cocktail are Joana (Dira Paes) and Danilo (Julio Machado), a couple whose travails resonate like a sacred chord. Using her position as notary to act as the last line of defence for the sanctity of marriage, Joana prides herself on her ability to guilt-trip couples out of divorce. Meanwhile, she and Danilo find their own union strained by their inability to conceive. How could the higher powers forsake such faithful servants?

Cheekily labelled a "disco-dystopian drama" by Variety, Divine Love is a big-screen protest placard painted in hot pink and electric blue neon.

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Includes an interview with filmmaker

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Gabriel Mascaro

Dira Paes, Julio Machado, Emílio de Melo, Teca Pereira, Calum Rio, Mariana Nunes
Source Outsider Pictures
Brazil/Uruguay/Norway/Denmark 2019 100 min. Portuguese with English subtitles 19+ Trailer


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