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Bella Ciao! Image

Bella Ciao!

Vancouver Red Carpet Premiere, April 10
with live music, food, cast & crew

Sea to Sky

Vancouver’s most cosmopolitan street - Commercial Drive - is the nexus for Carolyn Combs’ compassionate and heartfelt ensemble drama, a film about home, displacement, community, isolation, and solidarity. Unfolding over the course of just one day, the film hinges on Constanza (Carmen Aguirre), a Chilean refugee and activist whose relationship with her daughter is stress-tested by serious health concerns they would rather not have to confront. But this is just one thread amidst an Altmanesque carnival of characters from myriad walks of life: artists, hustlers, restauranteurs, and the coffee house consiglieri who converge on the Drive on a daily basis. Viva East Van!

Vancouver Red Carpet Premiere April 10th with music, food, cast & crew! Tickets $20, 19+.
Doors: 6pm
Music: 6:15
Screening: 7:30pm

Director Carolyn Combs
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2018
Running Time: 84 mins
Classification: PG (19+ for Apr 10th Premiere)
Related Links: Official Website
Cast: Carmen Aguirre, Tony Nardi, Alexandra Lainfiesta, Taran Kootenhayoo, Marie Clements, Frank Ferrucci , Leonardo Tenisci, April Teleek, John Emmet Tracy , Billy Marchenski, Alison Denham, Amanda Burke,


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