VIFF Short Forum: Programme 6

Short Forum
Country of Origin: Canada
78 min.

Short films playing in this program:

  • The Blactor
  • Chocolate
  • Heavy Petting
  • Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics
  • Prometheus
  • A Void
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A Void

Director: Dominique van Olm / ON, 2020, 16 min.

While working as a caretaker at an old concert hall one summer, an anxiety-prone young woman invites an otherworldly presence into her life. Learn More...

Prometheus THUMBNAIL


Director: Marie Farsi / ON, BC, QC, 2020, 7 min.

This radical visual adaptation and re-imagining of the Greek myth recasts Prometheus as a woman and crafts a poem about resilience, the reclamation of the natural order, and of feminine power inside the patriarchy. Learn More...

Heavy Petting THUMBNAIL

Heavy Petting

Director: Brendan Prost / ON, 2020, 17 min.

An eerie, bifurcated character drama about a queer encounter between two lonely cat enthusiasts, and a macabre test of one’s social obscurity. Learn More...

Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics THUMBNAIL

Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics

Director: Terril Calder / QC, 2021, 20 min.

A young girl of mixed ancestry endures a challenging journey of self-discovery through an unflinching examination of the European and Indigenous ethics embedded inside her. Learn More...

chocolate THUMBNAIL


Director: Charlene Moore / MB, 2021, 4 min.

A study of shedding away colonial patterns in order to find truth within the ways of life of one’s natural self. Learn More...


The Blactor

Director: Rukiya Bernard / BC, 2021, 14 min.

On her way to another demeaning audition for another stereotypical role, a Black actress is stopped by an undercover cop who believes she’s involved in a break and entry. Learn More...


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