VIFF Short Forum: Programme 5

Short Forum
Country of Origin: Canada
79 min.

Short films playing in this program:

  • Ajjigiingiluktaaqtugut (We Are All Different)
  • Big Things
  • On Either Side
  • Personals
  • Twelve Hours
  • Without You
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Director: Sasha Argirov / BC, 2021, 13 min.

When an encounter at a glory hole sparks an unexpected connection, two socially anxious loners must risk vulnerability to find the intimacy they yearn for. Learn More...

Twelve Hours THUMBNAIL

Twelve Hours

Director: Paul Shkordoff / ON, 2021, 14 min.

Sequestered to the confines of a hotel room, an overworked healthcare worker struggles to find relief amidst the incessant demands of her day to day life. Learn More...

On Either Side THUMBNAIL

On Either Side

Director: Elisa Julia Gilmour / ON, 2021, 12 min.

A Torontonian of Corsican-Moroccan descent learns he must renew his late grandfather’s expired cemetery plot in Corsica. As he considers unearthing a cadaver, he contends with his own fears of displacement. Learn More...

Ajjigiingiluktaaqtaugut (We Are All Different) THUMBNAIL

Ajjigiingiluktaaqtugut (We Are All Different)

Director: Lindsay McIntyre / BC, QC, NU, 2021, 17 min.

Using antique wind-up bears, layered animation, and analogue techniques, this animated documentary explores identity and belonging, by Inuit both inside and outside of community. Learn More...


Without You

Director: Mina Shum / BC, 2020, 5 min.

A love letter to all the humans. Learn More...


Big Things

Director: Eric Peterson / MB, 2021, 18 min.

An aspiring musician experiences the loss of his grandfather, annoying coworkers, and the anticipation of "big things." Learn More...


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