True North

Lukas Maier delivers an emotionally charged feature debut with this touching story about a young woman coming to terms with the sudden loss of her estranged father and unresolved issues surrounding their relational fallout.

Featuring some of the Balkans’ finest talent, Darkroom transports us into the heart of post-war Sarajevo. We find Sofija (Dina Mušanović) back at her late father’s apartment, which she and her boyfriend are in the process of packing up and selling. Surrounded by mementos and family history, Sofija is caught in a downward spiral of fragmented memories, buried resentments and perceived shortcomings.

Maier frames the character arc through a series of flashbacks and imaginary conversations that bridge past and present in a string of haunting vignettes. Intertwining his love of photography with the character backstory, he plays with the disjointed nature of photographs, expertly weaving in still imagery as an emotional roadmap and memory tool.

World premiere
Director Icon Director
Lukas Maier

Dina Mušanović, Izudin Bajrović, Selma Alispahić, Džana Pinjo, Davor Sabo, Admir Šehović
Producer Lukas Maier
Screenwriter Lukas Maier
Cinematographer Lukas Maier
Editor Lukas Maier
Music Matthew Tomkinson, Stefan Maier, Adnan Mušanović
Contact Lukas Maier
Canada 2021 95 min. In Bosnian and English
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Lukas Maier is a self-taught filmmaker from North Delta, a suburb of Vancouver. After releasing his first short film, Memento Mori (2017), he moved to Sarajevo to study directing. In 2021, he wrote, directed, filmed, edited, and produced his first feature, Darkroom, with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts. He is currently working on an experimental 16mm short film about beekeeping with the support of the BC Arts Council.