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The Book of Ruth Image

As Ruth’s family comes together for Passover there’s a festive atmosphere full of jovial banter and delicious traditional food. Later her inquisitive granddaughter finds her awake and up for a chat. A news article about Anne Frank sparks her to confront grandma about her long hidden secret. An interesting look into the power of stories, how history is made and shaped by minute individual choices. The Book of Ruth’s speculative history asks the audience to bring their own understanding and knowledge to the film, challenging how we think about and view people who have become symbols for atrocities or causes. The film takes these big questions and by dramatizing them in a friendly familial discussion, renders them small and heartfelt, while retaining the larger implications. Tovah Feldshuh (Golda’s Balcony) is fantastic as Ruth, her performance sells the whole concept. Deceptively simple and quite moving.

Screens in program Tell Us About Her Life


Includes an interview with Chen Drachman, Executive Producer and Becca Roth, Director

International premiere
Director Icon Director
Becca Roth

Tovah Feldshuh, Scott Klavan, Aleksander Varadian, Monica Wyche, Chen Drachman, Housso Semon
Executive Producer Chen Drachman
Producer Caitlin Gold
Screenwriter Chen Drachman
Cinematographer Natalia Bougadellis
Editor Becca Roth
Production Design Kat VanCleave
Music Lillie Rebecca McDonough
Source Chen Drachman
USA 2019 15 min. English Official Website


Please note that VIFF 2020 online films can be viewed in British Columbia only.

Roth, Becca headshot


Becca Roth is an award-winning narrative and documentary filmmaker who has written and directed films that have screened at film festivals and in communities worldwide. She is interested in telling stories that explore themes of queerness, otherness, human-ness, sense of self, and identity (among a million other things). Becca’s most recent project, Margo & Perry came in second place at the Slamdance screenplay competition.

Selected Filmography
One: A Story of Love and Equality (Documentary), Noah and Brandon, Boy Genius (Short), Margo & Perry (short), The Book of Ruth (Short), Daniel & Melissa (Documentary short), Boardwalk (Short)

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