Fiercely independent at 80, Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) lives on his own, enjoys a teatime nip of whisky, is quick with a joke and even faster to flirt with the caregivers (including Imogen Poots) his dutiful daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) insists on hiring. However, the truth of the matter is that the onset of dementia frequently leaves Anthony wandering a disorienting labyrinth in which past and present entangle and vaguely familiar strangers taunt him. And while he can still wound Anne with a cutting remark, he increasingly struggles to pull on a sweater.

Adapting his own stage play, Florian Zeller crafts a remarkably immersive film that captures both Anthony’s disorientation as reality grows increasingly incoherent and Anne’s anguish as she witnesses the father she knew slowly slipping away. With practically every scene providing a churning cauldron of emotion, Hopkins and Colman are both wondrous to behold in this deeply compassionate, undeniably gripping chamber drama.

"This will certainly go down as one of Hopkins’ great screen performances…" - Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter

Director Icon Director
Florian Zeller

Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Mark Gatiss, Imogen Poots, Rufus Sewell, Olivia Williams
Executive Producer Héloïse Spadone, Alessandro Mauceri, Lauren Dark, Ollie Madden, Daniel Battsek, Hugo Grumbar, Tim Haslam, Paul Grindey
Producer David Parfitt, Jean-Louis Livi, Philippe Carcassonne, Christophe Spadone, Simon Friend
Screenwriter Christopher Hampton, Florian Zeller
Cinematographer Ben Smithard
Editor Yorgos Lamprinos
Production Design Peter Francis
Music Ludovico Einaudi
Production Company F Comme Film, Trademark Films, Ciné-@, Les Films du Cru, Film4
Source Elevation Pictures
UK/France 2020 97 min. English


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Florian Zeller is an award-winning French novelist, playwright and director. He is, according to the Times of London, "the most exciting playwright of our time.” He has written more than 10 plays, including The Father, The Mother, The Truth, The Lie and The Height of the Storm. His plays have been staged in more than 45 countries. The Father was described as "the most acclaimed new play of the last decade" by the Guardian, and has won several awards in Paris, London and New York. The Father is Florian’s first film as a director.