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Michael Moore presents: A 30th Anniversary Screening of Roger & Me

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Oscar- and Emmy-winning director, author and political activist Michael Moore is coming back to VIFF to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Roger & Me, his groundbreaking documentary that came out of nowhere and took the world by storm.

Roger & Me arrived in VIFF’s offices on an almost broken VHS tape packaged in a plain brown paper bag. Little would have the programming team guessed that this unsolicited submission would go on to win the festival’s Most Popular Film Award and, soon after, be picked up by Warner Brothers. Michael Moore would visit VIFF several times after that, regaling audiences, rousing sold-out lineups into song, and gamely participating in an industry panel titled alongside comedy luminaries and - we kid you not - Prime Minister Joe Clark.

VIFF is thrilled to celebrate Michael Moore, who demonstrates the values that we cherish in filmmakers: a willingness to speak truth to power, a belief in cinema’s power to spark dialogue, and a determination to ensure that stories are shared regardless of the obstacles facing them.

"What an honor to be asked back to Vancouver on this auspicious anniversary of my very first film," said Moore from outside a Tim Horton’s near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. "For some reason, I find the coffee at Tim Horton’s better on the Michigan side of the border. Must be the pure Michigan water!"

"The Vancouver international Film Festival is truly one of the best and friendliest in the world. It’s a city full of die-hard cinephiles. I remember when I first came here with Roger & Me and I thought, ’Wow — the Yukon is warm in October!’ Then I was told this was British Columbia - but no worries, it still felt great! I was like, ’Man this place is really far away - from everything!’ I do miss the old General Motors Place - because, you know, when anyone thinks GM, they immediately think Vancouver. Sad to see it’s not called that any more - but I was thrilled that they later named it to honor Roger & Me."

This special event will commence with a screening of Roger & Me, followed by a Creator Talk with Moore that explores his critically acclaimed career.

*Program note from 1989: Roger & Me is a very funny, very sharp, and very disturbing post-mortem that really gets to the heart of how "ordinary people" are caught up in the machinations of corporate America.


Stephen Quinn, Host, The Early Edition, CBC Radio 1.

Director Michael Moore
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 1989
Classification: PG
Running Time: 150 mins
Producer: Michael Moore
Screenwriter: Michael Moore
Cinematographer: Chris Beaver, John Prusak, Kevin Rafferty, Bruce Schermer
Editor: Jennifer Beman, Wendey Stanzler
Production Company: Dog Eat Dog Films
Print Source: Warner Bros Pictures Canada


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