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Intersecting Voices

ALT | True North Shorts

This showcase of short films by emerging Indigenous creators features diverse perspectives and bold approaches to storytelling. Whether it’s a documentary portrait of a two-spirited aspiring comedian, an account of activists battling tirelessly to reclaim their rights, an artist locking horns with an angry spirit, or a raunchy retelling of a classic narrative, each of these films embraces tradition while demonstrating an individual sensibility.

ahkâmêyimo nitânis (Keep Going, My Daughter)

Director: Candy Fox / SK, 2019, 13 min.
A young couple living on Poundmaker Reserve, Saskatchewan, write a love letter to their daughter about their dreams for the future while still healing from the traumas of colonialism. more...

Big Momma

Director: Caitlyn Pantherbone / BC, 2019, 11 min.
This short doc follows an Indigenous, two-spirited aspiring comedian, musician, and dancer as he prepares himself for his first big show as a stand-up comic. more...


Director: Taran kootenhayoo / BC, 2019, 6 min.
Adam meets another NDN at the sk8 park, leading to a moment of cultural connection and inspiration. more...

Eagle Girl

Director: Sonya Ballantyne / MB, 2019, 12 min.
A girl with the power to heal conducts a ceremony that attracts a shapeshifter. more...

Indian Rights for Indian Women

Director: Alex Lazarowich / AB, 2018, 7 min.
A change in the Indian Act stripped treaty status from women because they married non-status men. Outraged, Nellie Carlson, Jenny Margetts, and Kathleen Steinhauer helped to form the Alberta branch of Indian Rights for Indian Women in the 1970s. more...

q'sapi times

Director: Madeline Terbasket / BC, 2019, 11 min.
A youth documentary film crew rolls up on Skemxist’s (Black Bear) home one Saturday morning to interview him and learn about the traditional ways. But little do they know what they are in for. more...

Red Power

Director: 2Wolf / BC, 2019, 4 min.
An Indigenous man is on the run from the KKK. As he journeys further into the forest, he discovers what it takes to gain his freedom. more...

Sometimes She Smiles

Director: Kelly Roulette / BC, 2018, 13 min.
An unsuspecting artist raises the ire of a dead spirit after she prints up a photograph containing the ghost’s former living image. How can the artist appease an angry spirit when her ’medium’ is painting - not mediumship? more...
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2019
Running Time: 77 mins
Classification: PG - coarse language; violence


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