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ALT | Modes

Taking its title from a popular and provocative dance movement in contemporary Brazil, this film captures the intense showdown of rival troupes mostly composed of non-binary members. By highlighting the liberated movements of queer bodies, Swinguerra wages war against Brazil’s bigoted political regime.

Screens in program MODES 2

North American premiere
Country of Origin: Brazil
Year: 2019
Running Time: 21 mins
Language:In Portuguese
Cast: Eduarda Lemos, Clara Santos, Diego Matarazzo, Edlys Rodrigues, Henrique Sena (MC Fininho), Clara Damaceno, Kinha do Tamburete
Executive Producer: Dora Amorim, Thais Vidal
Cinematographer: Pedro Sotero
Choreographers: Diego Matarazzo, Clara Santos, Edlys Rodrigues, Henrique Sena (MC Fininho)
Editor: Eduardo Serrano
Music: Carlos Sá
Art Director: André Antônio


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