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No. 7 Cherry Lane Image

No. 7 Cherry Lane

Panorama | Special Presentations

Master director Yonfan makes his animation debut with this sensuous, passionate story of a young man’s sentimental education. Hong Kong, 1967. As leftists clash with police in the streets, Ziming is attending university and negotiating a tricky situation: he’s got powerful feelings for Meiling, the strong-willed girl he’s tutoring, but also for her mother, the worldly divorcée Mrs. Yu. The air is thick with cultural ferment and erotic possibility; as the world changes around them, these three souls live out their desires…

Through meticulous, layered, hand-drawn animation, Yonfan and his crew conjure a Hong Kong that belongs both to history and to the imagination. Wide vistas, bustling streets, and glamorous movie houses are brought to life with an attention to detail that clearly marks the movie as a passion project. With its rich variety of techniques, visual styles, and even musical idioms, No. 7 Cherry Lane speaks across generational and cultural divides to express ardour, bittersweet nostalgia, and the hope of liberation. It is the director’s love letter to his home and to cinema; as such, it’s an absolute triumph.

Best Screenplay, Venice 19

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Director Yonfan
Country of Origin: Hong Kong/China
Year: 2019
Running Time: 125 mins
Format: DCP Encrypted
Language:In Mandarin, Cantonese, French
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Cast: Sylvia Chang, Zhao Wei, Alex Lam, Kelly Yao, Teresa Cheung, Jiang Wenli, Natalia Duplessis
Executive Producer: Wade Yao, Joyce Yang, Wang Chuan
Producer: Monica Chao
Screenwriter: Yonfan
Animation: Zhang Gang, Hsieh Wen-ming
Editor: Wang Haixia
Music: Yu Yat-yiu, Yonfan, Chapavich Temnitikul, Phasura Chanvititkul
Art Director: Yonfan, Zhang Gang, Hsieh Wen-ming
Production Company: Far Sun Film Company Ltd.
Print Source: Far Sun Film Co Ltd


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