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The Great Green Wall Image

The Great Green Wall

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"We must dare to invent the future." In 2007, the African Union officially began a massively ambitious environmental project planned since the 1970s. Stretching through 11 countries and 8,000 km across the desertified Sahel region, on the southern edges of the Sahara, The Great Green Wall - once completed, a mosaic of restored, fertile land - would be the largest living structure on Earth.

Malian musician-activist Inna Modja embarks on an expedition through Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, and Ethiopia, gathering an ensemble of musicians and artists to celebrate the pan-African dream of realizing The Great Green Wall. Her journey is accompanied by a dazzling array of musical diversity, celebrating local cultures and traditions as they come together into a community to stand against the challenges of desertification, drought, migration, and violent conflict.

An unforgettable, beautiful exploration of a modern marvel of ecological restoration, and so much more than a passive source of information, The Great Green Wall is a powerful call to take action and help reshape the world.

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North American premiere
Director Jared P. Scott
Country of Origin: UK
Year: 2019
Running Time: 92 mins
Classification: PG - sexual language
Language:In English, French, Bambara, Tigrigna, Hausa with English subtitles
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Cast: Inna Modja
Executive Producer: Fernando Meirelles, Sarah MacDonald, Alexander Asen, Thea Guest, Sian Kevill, Fabrizio Zago, Camilla Nordheim- Larsen, Claude Grunitzky
Producer: Sarah MacDonald, Jared P. Scott, Nick North, Charly W. Feldman
Screenwriter: Jared P. Scott
Cinematographer: Tim Cragg
Editor: Pilar Rico
Music: Charlie Mole, Inna Modja
Production Company: Make Waves
Print Source: WaZabi Films


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