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Gateway | Dragons & Tigers

Ever start a new job and find out it’s not exactly what you signed up for? Kazuhiko (Minagawa Yoji) is an awkward, moody fellow who graduated from Japan’s most elite university but has never held down a proper job. He gets a cleaning gig at a sento (Japanese bathhouse), unaware it’s a front for hitman operations. His night duties: body disposal and cleaning up the crime scene before the morning crowd arrives. Shocked yet intrigued, Kazuhiko takes the dark side of his job in stride and bonds with his hitman co-workers. But he soon learns the hard way that killing for the mob harbours many occupational hazards.

Tanaka injects a droll tone into his unusual noir comedy-thriller. Deftly weaving yakuza threats, livelihood anxieties, and adult growing pains, the unpredictable yarn dryly escalates the dangers and eccentricities of Japan’s brutal work culture, for which the yakuza is just a parallel. Since garnering the Best Director Award for the Japanese section of the Tokyo Film Festival, the film has proven an international crowd-pleaser, travelling everywhere and winning numerous audiences award at festivals from Udine to New York.

Best Director (Japanese Cinema), Tokyo 18

Canadian premiere
Director Tanaka Seiji
Country of Origin: Japan
Year: 2018
Running Time: 114 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Japanese with English subtitles
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Cast: Minagawa Yoji, Isozaki Yoshitomo, Yoshida Mebuki, Hada Makoto, Yada Masanobu, Hamaya Yasuyuki
Producer: Minagawa Yoji
Screenwriter: Tanaka Seiji
Cinematographer: Takahashi Ryo
Editor: Tanaka Seiji
Production Company: One Goose
Print Source: One Goose


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