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ALT | International Shorts

Stolen cookies are the basis for this modern parable set in a laundromat while people fold clothes. The setup is so simple: a young woman sees an old man’s actions as suspicious and her anger rises. This is a visual piece, and Vancouverite Todd Dyum’s cinematography is terrific. Basked in a wonderfully moody blue-while light, the camera work captures the tense atmosphere of this little standoff with a real economy of shots and movement. Absolutely beautiful.

World premiere
Director Shaunoh
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2019
Running Time: 4 mins
Language:In English
Cast: Jasha Vincent, Raymond Kwong
Producer: John Scarth
Cinematographer: Todd M. Duym
Editor: Shaunoh
Music: Jason Myers
Print Source: The Solidarity Union North


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