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Neutra - Survival Through Design Image

Neutra - Survival Through Design

MAD | Music/Art/Design

Born 1892 in Vienna, Richard Neutra was one of the most acclaimed architects of the 20th century, and PJ Letofsky gives him his due in this fascinating film. It’s a breezy, wide-ranging look at the man, his colleagues, his family, and the monumental work he accomplished. Skipping around the world from Neutra’s hometown to Berlin, Switzerland, and elsewhere, this is a truly cosmopolitan work—the story of a man who had an international sphere of influence, and who was formed as an artist by the cultural refinement of Europe and the cultural ferment of America, his eventual home.

The film features a wealth of fascinating interview subjects, including Richard’s son Dion, who grew up to become his father’s creative and business partner. Critics, art historians, and other architects hold forth on Neutra’s aesthetics, his ideas, and more. As for the buildings, so influential was the Neutra style that they’ll seem instantly familiar to many viewers - but that does nothing to diminish their beauty.

International premiere
Director P.J. Letofsky
Country of Origin: USA
Year: 2019
Running Time: 102 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English
Related Links: Official Website | Trailer
Featuring: Dion Neutra, Raymond Neutra, Barbara Lamprecht, Thomas Hines
Executive Producer: Christopher Ball
Producer: PJ Letofsky, Peter Rabitz
Screenwriter: PJ Letofsky
Cinematographer: Andrew Parke
Music: Kubilay Uner
Production Company: Newcastle Productions
Print Source: Newcastle Productions


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