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Assholes: A Theory Image

Assholes: A Theory

True North | True North

We undoubtedly live in an age of entitlement, with privileged behaviour flourishing on every front, be it via social media feeds or in the corridors of power. It’s enough to make one wonder whether becoming an a**hole is the only recourse for advancement. Taking cues from Aaron James’ New York Times bestseller, John Walker’s latest documentary not only intrepidly investigates the origins of this phenomenon but also gives voice to its victims, critics (including John Cleese), and opposition forces.

Buoyed by its jazzy score and the wry narration of Walker (a VIFF favourite thanks to Arctic Defenders, A Drummer’s Dream, and a half-dozen other official selections), the film pulls no punches and leaves few stones unturned. Initially firing shots south of the 49th parallel, it soon turns its attention to RCMP misdeeds before whisking us away to Italy to meet the LGBTQ activist who famously butted heads with Berlusconi.

"It’s a thoughtful accounting of society’s most noxious people, balancing psychology and anecdotal s**t-talking… It’ll leave you thinking about the a**holes in your life, and whether you’re being one right now." - Norman Wilner, NOW

Director John Walker
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2019
Running Time: 82 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English, Italian
Related Links: Official Website | Trailer
Producer: Ann Bernier, Annette Clarke, John Walker
Screenwriter: John Walker, Robert Sandler
Cinematographer: Paul McCurdy
Editor: Jeff Warren
Music: Sandy Moore
Production Company: John Walker Productions, NFB
Distributor: National Film Board of Canada


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