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ALT | International Shorts

After teenage Sofia witnesses an altar boy being mistreated by her local priest, she must convince her devout Catholic family to act. Talk about a tough subject to take on, but Taboo delivers a surprisingly powerful statement about the difficulties getting the faithful to believe their parish priest could be a molester. The rural Australian community location and nice camera work set up a slower paced world where faith is still important, and a fine performance by the lead actress reveals Sofia’s shyness and inquisitiveness. The film raises the matter of trust, the blind trust we can have in religious figures and whether that trust can ever be regained after it is shattered. This is a quietly dramatic film with relevance in the ongoing exposure of church abuse, and as her surprise reading emphasizes: you must have the courage to express your beliefs even though others may doubt you.

Screens in program Troubled Voices, Teen Lives

International premiere
Country of Origin: Australia
Year: 2019
Running Time: 14 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English, Italian
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Cast: Pippa Van Wijck , Darcy Halliday, Val Athanassiou, Marissa O'reilly, Etienne Goessens, Arjen Goessens
Producer: Manni Wu, Claudia Altavilla
Screenwriter: Olivia Altavilla, Claudia Altavilla
Cinematographer: Brendan Cherry
Editor: Samuel Taylor
Production Design: Phoenix Waddell
Music: Aj Sherwood
Print Source: Olivia Altavilla


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