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My Dads, My Moms and Me Image

My Dads, My Moms and Me

Sea to Sky | BC Spotlight

In the 2007 documentary Fatherhood Dreams, Julia Ivanova chronicled the touching and challenging journeys of four gay men who each made the decision to become parents after Canada legalized same-sex marriage. Married couple Randy and Drew adopted baby Jack. Scott connected with a surrogate to have twins Ella and Mac. Stephen decided to co-parent his daughters Jazz and Zea with lesbian couple Coreen and Wendy. In My Dads, My Moms and Me, the filmmaker revisits the lives of these men and their children, now teenagers, with a decade’s worth of insight.

Contrasting clips from the original doc with contemporary interviews and scenes of daily lives, the film provides an intimate look at the obstacles and triumphs of these three queer families. Displaying her acute sensibility for the complexities of human relationships, Ivanova crafts a singular yet deeply relatable story of parenting, family bonds, and the challenges that await when dreams become a reality.

Preceded By: Happytime Social Club

Director: David Rodden-Shortt / BC, 2019, 4 min.
Joseph R. Selsey’s belongings were discovered in shoebox by a dumpster in 2015. They provide us with a rare glimpse into life as a gay man in Vancouver in the 1950s. more...

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Director Julia Ivanova
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2019
Running Time: 79 mins
Classification: G
Language:In English
Related Links: Trailer | Director's Website
Producer: Julia Ivanova
Screenwriter: Julia Ivanova
Cinematographer: Julia Ivanova
Editor: Julia Ivanova
Music: John Korsrud
Production Company: Interfilm Productions Inc.
Print Source: Interfilm Productions Inc.


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