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ALT | International Shorts

Although her father is embroiled in a corruption scandal, Melanie throws a party for friends at her family’s country mansion. This is a story of wealthy 20-somethings doing what they do best - party hearty - and Masmelos captures all the stages of their wild night so perfectly. Awash in the heady hedonism of youth, the film skirts around the politics at its centre, focusing on Mela’s psychological discomfort, confusion, and frustration while trying to maintain the party energy of her friends and escape her thoughts. The film is clearly a statement on government corruption and the economic divide, but this privileged set are happy enough to take advantage of the situation. To these young adults, the father’s wealth is just a means for this evening’s festivities, and and a way to pay the house staff for cleaning up the mess. Some people can afford to party away their feelings, others must work to allow them to do so.

National Prize, Medellin 19

North American premiere
Director Duván Duque
Country of Origin: Colombia
Year: 2019
Running Time: 15 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Spanish with English subtitles
Cast: Andrea Rey, Pablo Forero, Camila Luque, Tomás Vásquez, Julieta Laverde, Ernesto Vientos
Producer: Franco Lolli, Capucine Mahé, Claire Charles-Gervais, Louise Bellicaud
Screenwriter: Duván Duque
Cinematographer: Francisco MeCe
Editor: Juan Sebastián Quebrada
Production Design: Marcela Gómez
Production Company: Evidencia Films, In Vivo Films
Print Source: Evidencia Films


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