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Long-Legged Nuria Image

Long-Legged Nuria

ALT | International Shorts

On a warm evening, Nuria tells her elderly blind mother stories as they lie in a hammock, the radio cutting in and out and the wind blowing the curtains in the pale candle light… Is it all a strange dream? This is an unusual and beautifully shot film that is wonderfully atmospheric - emphasized by sensitive camerawork and a naturalistic soundtrack. The close bond between daughter and mother forms the basis of the apparent nonsense narrative that explores the relationship of the unconscious in dealing with grief and loss. It’s a brilliantly conceived and executed dream ride, complemented by touches of magical realism, with so much emotion that it’s hard to describe.

Screens in program Somebody Dies

International premiere
Country of Origin: Ecuador
Year: 2019
Running Time: 18 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Spanish with English subtitles
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Cast: Tite Macias, Katia Loyola
Executive Producer: Kathy Garcia C.
Producer: Dominique Pazmiño Ríos, Frank Vera Jiménez
Screenwriter: Leslie Castro León
Cinematographer: Dominique Pazmiño Ríos
Editor: Frank Vera Jiménez
Production Design: Milena Contreras
Music: Gustavo Arregui
Production Company: Ashtarak Films
Print Source: Frank Vera Jiménez


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