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Sea to Sky | BC Spotlight 

Facing eviction from her bunker-like Vancouver basement suite, perpetually underemployed Raf (Grace Glowicki) anesthetizes herself by treating the world as her own sketch-comedy show, conceiving of absurd characters to keep herself entertained. But when well-heeled Tal (Jesse Stanley) takes an immediate shine to Raf and then takes her under her privileged wing, the guileless outcast sees how the other half lives. But Raf is soon left to question precisely what her new BFF/benefactor’s true motives might be.

Returning to Vancouver after years away, writer-director Harry Cepka has crafted a jet-black (with pink-accented walls) comedy that sets its skewed sights on this city’s growing class divide. This undoubtedly feels like a film that could only be crafted by someone who’s returned to a place they once called home and no longer recognizes it.

"Glowicki is riveting, physically performing the push-and-pull of Raf’s insecurity in every moment, and writer/director Cepka gives his film an improvisational looseness that feels as though it’s just stumbled upon this remarkable character." - Norman Wilner, NOW

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Director Harry Cepka
Country of Origin: Canada/USA
Year: 2019
Running Time: 88 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English
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Cast: Grace Glowicki, Jesse Stanley, Harry Cepka, Victor Dolhai, Alexis Teliszewsky, Ed Cepka
Producer: Sara Blake, Charlotte Wells
Screenwriter: Harry Cepka
Cinematographer: Gregory Frank Oke
Editor: Blair McClendon
Production Design: Marian Mathias
Print Source: Harry Cepka


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