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Way Back Home Image

Way Back Home

A Volta Para Casa

ALT | International Shorts

A gardener at a seniors’ care facility offers a retired carpenter a ride home after no one visits him on Easter Sunday. There is a sympathetic quality to this piece that captures the lonely life many seniors live in care homes. Like others there, Mr. Plinio is alone, making up stories about visitors coming. Driving back to his old neighbourhood triggers the old man’s remembrances of things past, but they are fleeting and everything has changed. The film stars one of the great Brazilian actors, 89-year-old Lima Duarte who has had a 70-year career, complimented by solid supporting performances all around. Way Back Home is a touching and beautifully made film about memory, the obliteration of the past (in multiple ways), and unexpected compassion in the present.

"Memory is a dear subject to me, our own memory and how memory is dealt with in cities. In this film, there is a parallel between the memory of the city of São Paulo and a character who is suffering from memory loss. São Paulo has lived through a real estate boom in recent decades, which has overshadowed the memory of the city, neighbourhoods are being disconfigured… severing our emotional links to the past." - Diego Freitas

Canadian premiere
Director Diego Freitas
Country of Origin: Brazil
Year: 2019
Running Time: 17 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Portuguese with English subtitles
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Cast: Lima Duarte, Guilherme Rodio
Executive Producer: Luciano Reck
Producer: Guilherme Rodio, Luciano Reck, Diego Freitas
Screenwriter: Diego Freitas
Cinematographer: Kaue Zilli
Editor: Diego Freitas
Music: Ed cortes
Art Director: Fernando Cacerez
Production Company: Parakino Films
Print Source: Parakino Films


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