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Liminaali and Communitas Image

Liminaali & Communitas

ALT | International Shorts

After sunset, a man walks along the edges of a largely empty freeway, gathering roadkill… Fabulous cinematography highlights this virtually wordless experimental documentary that investigates the border between life and death at the edges of the manmade world. The highway glowing orange from the streetlights lends a surreal quality as his actions are examined in detailed, long takes accompanied by a largely on-location soundtrack. It’s unclear if this is a matter of survival, but it is certainly a commentary on our own wasteful urban practices. His utilization of these dead animals not only shows practicality but gives purpose to their demise, and everything is presented in a way that respects the animals. However, there is one scene that is not for the squeamish. Liminaali & Communitas is a visually rich one-night journey into a world we hardly realized existed, where the temporal and the eternal meet.

North American premiere
Director Laura Rantanen
Country of Origin: Finland
Year: 2018
Running Time: 11 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Finnish with English subtitles
Featuring: Toni Baeckman
Producer: Mikko Asikainen
Screenwriter: Laura Rantanen
Cinematographer: Tomi Rislakki
Editor: Vilja Harjamäki
Music: Tuomas Kettunen
Production Company: ELO Film School Finland
Print Source: AALTO UNIVERSITY, School of Arts, Design and Architecture/Väre


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