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I Signed the Petition

ALT | International Shorts

A Palestinian man is worried about having signed an online petition asking Radiohead to boycott Israel so he calls a friend for his opinion. This experimental documentary starts out in such an informal and disarming way, but the thrust is all about their conversation, as we essentially never see either man. Over the course of their conversation the friend delivers a powerful summation on the global perspective of repressed people and the powerless positions they are forced into, and the caller is able to understand his choice to publicly support the cultural boycott of Israel from a more complete, yet equally powerless, perspective. It’s an insightful analysis of a moral quandary, summarizing the difficulties the world faces when trying to address this long-standing issue in the face of global power brokers and tilted propaganda machinery.

Best Short, Visions du réel 18

Director Mahdi Fleifel
Country of Origin: UK/Germany/Switzerland
Year: 2018
Running Time: 11 mins
Format: Computer Output
Featuring: Faris, Mahdi
Producer: Patrick Campbell, Mahdi Fleifel
Cinematographer: Mahdi Fleifel
Editor: Michael Aaglund
Production Company: Nakaba Filmworks
Print Source: La Distributrice de Films


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