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Lee Ann Womack's Hollywood Image

Lee Ann Womack's "Hollywood"

ALT | International Shorts

Life with her superficial and unresponsive man sends a woman on a fantasy cinematic road trip through iconic California. This animated music video is delightfully different and technically marvellous, combining model stop-motion with rarely seen before rear-projection live-action stop-motion to create a totally believable world. The combination of real backgrounds shot on location mixed with hand-crafted miniature foregrounds make this a really unique film. It’s a brilliant manifestation of this modern country tear-jerker that totally captures some of the essence of L.A. and the not-so-glamorous Hollywood. Short, sweet, and absolutely fabulous.

Canadian premiere
Director Chris Ullens
Country of Origin: UK
Year: 2019
Running Time: 5 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In No dialogue
Producer: Jade Bogue
Screenwriter: Chris Ullens
Cinematographer: Jamie Durand
Editor: Chris Ullens
Art Director: The Joy of Sets
MODL: Connor Chung, Areeya Bass, Kat Joseph
Production Company: ATO Records
Print Source: Chris Ullens


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