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63 Up

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It all started in 1964 when Paul Almond documented the lives of a varied group of British children in Seven Up. Michael Apted took the reins thereafter, and has returned to survey the subjects’ progress through life every seven years since. The result has been one of the major works of documentary filmmaking - fascinating, surprising, and, in its treatment of time and its wages, highly cinematic. Watching the choices these folks have made with the hands that fate has dealt them has been a sobering, uplifting, and, at times, heartbreaking experience.

This latest instalment of the project, showing here in its theatrical version, finds Tony, Jane, Andrew, Sue, and the others as they’re shuffling along towards late life. It’s the time for looking back more than forward, and so our subjects have grown more contemplative; fear of the future, including the looming Brexit, hangs over the film. Ultimately, though, 63 Up is a celebratory work; it shows us the resilience of the human spirit, and, as such, it’s a triumph.

Director Michael Apted
Country of Origin: UK
Year: 2019
Running Time: 138 mins
Language:In English
Executive Producer: Cort Kristensen, Ceri Aston, Sally Evans, Soumya Sriraman
Producer: Claire Lewis
Cinematographer: George Jesse Turner
Editor: Kim Horton
Print Source: Britbox LLC


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