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ALT | International Shorts

An elderly man’s teenage grandson convinces him to go on a date the boy set up online, so the former can escape the routine of caring for his ailing wife. The boy is a product of the modern age, blissfully unaware of what long-term commitment means - he is still so focused on the immediate - and although granddad has second thoughts, his departure changes the game. This is powerfully understated story realized through a smart script, very good direction, and performances that convey so much meaning without words. This is a beautiful, sentiment-filled life lesson about how love can look past present hardships to see what made it possible for so many years, suggesting that a lifetime of love does not make that job onerous.

World premiere
Director Shay Fellner
Country of Origin: Israel
Year: 2019
Running Time: 15 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Hebrew, Russian with English subtitles
Cast: Itzhak Zaslavski, Ron Troyan, Tzipi Dinnerman
Executive Producer: Meidan Danino
Producer: Shay Fellner
Screenwriter: Shay Fellner
Cinematographer: Tomer Rotem
Editor: Amit Carp, Eyal Duletz
Production Design: Irit Reznik
Music: Rotem Moav
Production Company: Tel Hai Film School
Print Source: Costanza Film Distribution


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