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True North | Future//Present

Assembled from videotapes shot in 1993 in downtown Vancouver, this found-footage diary film follows a man named Danny Ryder, diagnosed with leukemia, as he engages in a series of confessional monologues. Tender, frank, and intimate, he bravely faces his own mortality while reflecting on his life choices in this moving window into an existential inquisition. Cycling through moments of repose, regret, worry, humour, and hope, he fights both his disease and his formidable demons.

Co-directed by Lewis Bennett and Aaron Zeghers (the subject’s nephew), DANNY is at once a specific character portrait, an eerie time capsule of early 90s Vancouver, and something profoundly universal. In a noisy era wherein we perpetually broadcast our personal lives and curated personalities on social media, Danny’s private candour and internal reckoning feels especially meaningful. Set against the ghostly lo-fi backdrop of a city long since changed, DANNY is an invitation to contemplate life, death, our fears, and the ravages of time.

Best Feature, Avant-Garde and Genre Competition, BAFICI 19

Preceded By: Memoirs

Director: Aaron Zeghers / MB, 2019, 10 min.
The stories of three generations of family members are fragmented and distorted through digital and analog processes in this subversion of personal oral histories. more...

Preceded By: Sofia

Director: Nikolay Michaylov / ON, 2019, 10 min.
Moments of daily life in Sofia, Bulgaria, are dissonantly juxtaposed with a conversation between the filmmaker and a cousin who lives there in an atypical portrait of a place and its social reality. more...

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North American premiere
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2019
Running Time: 50 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English
Cinematographer: Danny Ryder
Editor: Aaron Zeghers, Lewis Bennett
Print Source: Lewis Bennett


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