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A Seat at the Table Image

A Seat at the Table

Impact | Insights

It’s been producing great wines for decades, and now New Zealand wants some proper respect. David Nash and Simon Mark-Brown’s lively documentary profiles the country’s wine industry and culture, and what emerges amid the gorgeous landscape shots, funny anecdotes, and talk of terroir and minerality is a heartening success story.

From a seminal moment in the late 70s to the development of fine sauvignon blancs, pinot noirs, and chardonnays, the directors take us through the Kiwi wine renaissance, in which venerable French traditions have been married to agricultural innovation. There’s a gentle polemical edge to A Seat at the Table: the filmmakers’ thesis is that New Zealand wines can stand with the best in the world, and they’re willing to put it to the (taste) test… The movie’s subject matter may call out to oenophiles, but there’s much here to please the casual viewer as well. The filmmaking is both polished and brisk, the tone is genial, and the visual elements are lovely.

International premiere
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Year: 2019
Running Time: 100 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English
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Producer: David Nash, Simon Mark-Brown
Screenwriter: David Nash, Simon Mark-Brown
Cinematographer: Bertrand Remaut
Editor: Bertrand Remaut
Music: Greg Johnson
Production Company: Republic Films, Studio Nash
Print Source: David Nash


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