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True North | Future//Present

Awkward and hunchbacked with an alert-whistle around his neck, the reclusive Tito (played by director Grace Glowicki) is holed up in a seemingly safe suburban home in which he feels anything but secure. Then, a kindly but intrusive neighbour (Ben Petrie) conspicuously swoops in to give Tito a hand. He offers him food, drugs, and some much needed company while also slowly luring Tito into the fearsome world outside from which he recoils.

Led by Glowicki’s amazing lead performance, Tito is a work of psycho-expressionism centered around the contorted physicality of its protagonist. Glowicki’s eccentric gestures express the severe discomfort and anxiety of endured trauma. Punctuated by its core act of gender-reversal, this award-winning debut (Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award, SXSW 19) subversively challenges the points-of-view from which we typically judge vulnerable emotional realities of women and men, evaluate predator and prey dynamics, and consider fictionalized and performed psychologies. Somewhere between vaudevillian burlesque, pantomime, and the altogether serious, Tito sees Glowicki fashion something entirely new with her provocative exploration of an anguished psyche.

Canadian premiere
Director Grace Glowicki
Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 2019
Running Time: 70 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English
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Cast: Grace Glowicki, Ben Petrie
Executive Producer: Aeschylus Poulos
Producer: Miriam Levin-Gold, Ben Petrie, Grace Glowicki
Screenwriter: Grace Glowicki
Cinematographer: Christopher Lew
Editor: Brendan Mills, Grace Glowicki
Production Design: Anastasia Popova
Music: Casey MQ
Production Company: Featured Creatures
Print Source: Visit Films


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