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ALT | International Shorts

Marga, trapped by her daily grind at the slaughterhouse, lives an unsatisfied life until the day she encounters a certain cow… This surprising tale wonderfully captures a tough working-class life going nowhere - like the character we are following - seeing the same bus driver every evening on her way home. In an unexpected way she becomes transformed, but realizing her dream will not be so easy. The film is really well made with top notch performances, some unusual, humorous situations, and a story line that becomes so representational for working-class people, completely encapsulated in her appeal to the bus driver. A story of kindness in an unexpected situation.

Screens in program A Matter of Identity

Director Marta Bayarri
Country of Origin: Spain
Year: 2018
Running Time: 16 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Catalan with English subtitles
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Cast: Marta Bayarri, Pepo Blasco, Ana Maria Stan, Andrea Pantaza, Magdalena Claramunt, Mònica Farreras, Sebastian Marcu
Executive Producer: Miguel Angel Faura, Oriol Ruiz
Producer: Oriol Ruiz
Screenwriter: Marta Bayarri
Cinematographer: Andreu Adam Rubiralta
Editor: Domi Parra
Music: Miquel Coll i Trulls
Art Director: Paola González
Production Company: Momotrup Films
Print Source: Momotrup Films


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