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Resistance Fighters Image

Resistance Fighters

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Since mass-production in the 1940s, antibiotics have been nothing less than miraculous, saving countless lives and revolutionizing modern medicine. It’s virtually impossible to imagine hospitals or healthcare without them. But after years of abuse and mismanagement by the medical and agricultural communities, superbugs resistant to antibiotics are reaching apocalyptic proportions. The ongoing rise in multi-resistant bacteria - unvanquishable microbes, currently responsible for 700,000 deaths per year and projected to kill 10 million yearly by 2050 if nothing changes - and the people who fight them are the subjects of Michael Wech’s stunning "science-thriller."

Peeling back the carefully constructed veneer of the medical corporate establishment’s greed and complacency to reveal the world on the cusp of a potential crisis, Resistance Fighters sounds a clarion call of urgency. It’s an all-out war, one which most of us never knew we were fighting, to avoid "Pharmageddon." Doctors, researchers, patients, and diplomats testify about shortsighted medical and economic practices, while Wech offers refreshingly original perspectives on environment, ecology, and (animal) life in general. As alarming as it is informative, this is a wake-up call the world needs to hear.

North American premiere
Director Michael Wech
Country of Origin: Germany
Year: 2019
Running Time: 98 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In English with English subtitles
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Producer: Leopold Hoesch
Screenwriter: Michael Wech
Cinematographer: Johannes Imdahl, Sven Kiesche
Editor: Michael Scheffold
Music: Andreas Lucas
Production Company: Broadview Pictures
Print Source: Dogwoof


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