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The Men's Room

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Petter Sommer and Jo Vemund Svendsen’s documentary follows a choral group made up of modest, unpretentious middle-aged men. These guys make no claims to great artistry; they just love to sing, laugh, and bond, and their time together is precious. We see them preparing for their biggest gig ever - opening up for rock giants Black Sabbath - as their conductor Ivar is suffering through the final stages of cancer. His condition worsens as the concert date approaches, but the maestro soldiers on, and the film grows in poignancy with each passing moment…

With a repertoire that includes Billy Bragg and Dennis Leary, the choir never fails to entertain; the movie is full of wonderful renditions. Sommer and Svendsen have made a lighthearted film about heavy subject matter; its subjects may not wear their hearts on their sleeves, but we can feel their emotions nevertheless. There are moments of great sadness here, but also of triumph, and it’s a pleasure to spend time with these men.

Canadian premiere
Country of Origin: Norway
Year: 2018
Running Time: 75 mins
Format: DCP
Language: In Norwegian, English
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Executive Producer: Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Kari Anne Moe
Producer: Kari Anne Moe, Gudmundur Gunnarsson
Screenwriter: Petter Sommer, Jo Vemund Svendsen
Cinematographer: Petter Sommer, Jo Vemund Svendsen
Editor: Petter Sommer, Jo Vemund Svendsen
Music: Martin Horntveth
Production Company: Fuglene AS
Print Source: WIDE


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