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ALT | International Shorts

As a young woman flees her bombed-out home in a war-torn city, she drags along strands of things from her life left behind. Tangle is a truly beautiful, moving animation evoking the collective refugee experience. The wordless story is told with fairly simple painterly animation and stirring music that could draw comparisons to the animated feature Persipolis (2007) because of the black-and-white style. A visual dance of emotional lines shows us the path of the female protagonist through her journey from hell to freedom. This Iranian metaphorical fable shows us that no matter the circumstance, our new beginnings are inevitably tied to where we were before.

Canadian premiere
Country of Origin: Iran
Year: 2019
Running Time: 8 mins
Language: no dialogue
Producer: S. Javad Hosseini-nejad
Screenwriter: Malihe Ghloamzadeh
Editor: Naser Fakour
Animation: Malihe Ghloamzadeh
Music: Hooman Raad
Print Source: Negative & Stars Matrix Animation Studio


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