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Family Hour

ALT | International Shorts

When teen Danya gets a visit from his divorced father at his summer arts camp on the day of the camp’s big performance, he is overwhelmed by conflicting emotions. Though there is some joking around when they actually get together, parental neglect is at the forefront of this story of strained relations, expectations, and disappointment. A terrific lead performance really catches the boy’s frustrations: we see his inner turmoil being expressed in his dance piece, consciously or unconsciously. This very well-made film gives us a powerful picture of the problems Danya’s fairly self-centered father’s intermittent involvement is causing at an age when he clearly wants some of dad’s attention and approval.

Screens in program Troubled Voices, Teen Lives

North American premiere
Country of Origin: Ukraine, Netherlands
Year: 2018
Running Time: 12 mins
Format: DCP
Language:In Russian, Ukrainian with English subtitles
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Cast: Daniil Zubkov, Oleksii Skliarenko, Tata Zelenska, Eva Petrash, Oleksii Petrozhytskyi
Producer: Kirsi Saivosalmi, Sashko Chubko, Polina Bushinska, Vladimir Yatsenko
Screenwriter: Mariia Ponomarova
Cinematographer: Nikita Kuzmenko
Editor: Sabine Maas
Production Design: Masha Khomyakova
Music: Vladyslav Rogalevsky, ‘No Values’ (Yury Kasyanenko)
Print Source: Mariia Ponomarova


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